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Accelerate AP and AR processing

Enable more timely payments and lower collection costs.

The accounts payable (AP) process touches every department within your organization. When the AP process is inefficient, it doesn’t just make life difficult—it costs money.


In fact, the International Accounts Payable Professionals association estimates that it costs more than $10 for a typical organization to process an invoice.


Organizations across industries have made dramatic changes to the performance of their AP function by digitizing and automating the process with Laserfiche software, slashing the time required to make payments and eliminating conflict, miscommunication and re-work.


Laserfiche for AP automation:

* Prevents the fees and fines associated with late payments.

* Ensures that other departments comply with AP policies and procedures.

* Accelerates the approval process.

* Eliminates lost and misfiled invoices.

* Scan and capture information from multiple invoices at once.

* Automatically route invoices to multiple employees for review, approval and check processing.

* Audit activity throughout the A/P process to maximize productivity.Securely store invoices and related    financial documentation for easy retrieval


LessPaperDoMore with Accounts Payable



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