The thick Client and Server form the core of the Laserfiche enterprise content management solution, allowing you to manage content, mitigate content-related risks and provide access to the information your employees need.


*  Capture, manage and archive information in any format.

*  Centrally manage your content archives.

*  Deliver information and simplify repetitive tasks.


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The Foundation of Your Enterprise Content Repository


The Laserfiche Client is the user-friendly software interface to a centralized electronic content repository that includes a variety of tools for managing the resources it contains.

Functionality of the baseline Laserfiche product includes document capture and image enhancement, storage and archiving for documents and unstructured information, easy-to-use document organization tools, annotation and metadata features, search and retrieval, collaboration and content distribution, and extensive security controls.


  1. Powerful content repository organized in a familiar folder tree structure.

  2. User-friendly client interface for enterprise content management.

  3. Flexible administration and repository management tools.

  4. Document image capture with Laserfiche Scanning.

  5. Capture images from a digital camera or cell phone with PhotoDocs.

  6. Image capture of electronic documents with Laserfiche Snapshot.

  7. E-mail documents directly from your repository.

  8. Import and work with electronic documents, such as Word files or PDFs, alongside your scanned documents.




Laserfiche On Premise

Client and Server