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Begin your Digital Transformation Today


Cut down on costs, production times and supply chain bottlenecks with automated business processing.

Streamline production with instant access.


  • Provide all corporate employees, project managers and job site workers with the most accurate and immediate project files.

  • Check the status of work orders, contracts, claims, vendor agreements and other project updates.

  • Convert photos taken with digital cameras or mobile devices into secure, accessible documents.

  • Send follow-up notifications and automatically escalate exceptions and route items for critical action.

  • Provide clients with quick access to the most up-to-date project files.

Instant Access 

Shared Services

A\P - Finance




Contract Mgt


Shared Services

  • Share information and cost savings with every department

  • Ensure smaller departments don’t get left behind in the digital transformation

  • Increase ROI


A\P - Finance

Every organization has invoices that need to be paid.  Laserfiche speeds and simplifies the capture, processing, review and approval of A/P documentation. Benefits include reduced processing time, more timely payments, streamlined reporting and more.

  • Comprehensive capture. Capture information from a wide variety of media (paper, e-forms, electronic documents, etc.) and applications.

  • Batch processing. Automatically extract data from a large number of invoices, eliminating the need for manual indexing, sorting and filing.

  • Instantly retrieve orders by searching a customer name, invoice number, sales order number, part number or ship date.

  • Route invoices between financial officers, project managers and shipping personnel for review and processing

  • Intelligent routing and notification. Automatically send invoices to A/P clerks and approvers, alerting them to new tasks with automatic e-mails.

  • Comprehensive audit trails. Monitor and record all of the activities that occur during A/P processing using Laserfiche Audit Trail.

  • Easy integration with existing applications. Image-enable your ERP or accounting system so that invoice data is available in these applications with the click of a button.

  • Utilize Laserfiche Forms to allow employees the ability to submit receipts and expense reports, accelerating the reimbursement process


Contract Management

Expedite contract approvals

Automate and monitor all steps in the contract life cycle.

  • Create and reuse standard digital contract templates to eliminate repetitive work

  • Track responses and changes between all stakeholders

  • Enable multiple stakeholders to simultaneously view the most current contract versions every time

  • Set up automatic reports for contract renewals or amendments


View, edit, sign and approve contracts from anywhere


  • Get contracts approved faster with mobile access.

  • Review contracts from any internet-connected device

  • Email shortcuts of contract drafts to required parties so everyone can review the same document

  • Use digital signatures to approve contracts from anywhere

  • Approve contracts with automated review workflows

  • Immediately find information to answer inquiries at any stage in the contract process.

  • Retain contracts as required by industry and corporate regulations

  • Instantly find items when an auditor or third party requests information

  • Automatically run searches for contracts that are missing signatures and other information


Human Resources

 HR departments are often burdened by extensive paper files and inefficient work processes, which leave staff struggling to complete tasks in a timely manner. With Laserfiche, authorized users can instantly retrieve employee files such as contracts, general new hire documents, Certifications as well as secured Confidential records like evaluations, drug screens, I-9s, I-9 Proof and background checks. 

  • Capture, secure and centralize all applicant information—including resumes, applications, credentials and e-mails—in Laserfiche to quickly identify the best candidates.

  • Meet HIPAA requirements by segregating and securing employee health records.

  • Eliminate the need to manually search personnel files improving staff productivity.

  • Easily integrate with your Employee Information System for quick document searches.  

  • Utilize digital forms to automate employee on boarding process collecting all of your required information and documents with reporting to know where employees are within the process and what information is currently missing.  

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