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A proven solution already used by over 34,000 organizations worldwide, Laserfiche enterprise content management is designed to take your expertise and build on it. Instead of forcing you to work within a rigid structure, Laserfiche adapts to your existing business processes, building on them to make them smarter, faster and more efficient.


And Laserfiche adapts to handle content-related processes across the enterprise, delivering immediate business value without sacrificing the agility necessary to meet changing business requirements.


Below are only a few examples of Industry Solutions that we have successfully implemented.  The flexibility of Laserfiche has allowed us to work across many different industries as well including Utilities, Finance, Medical Billing, Healthcare, Food Service and many others. 


K12 Education

With tools to quickly and reliably collect, store, search and share information, Laserfiche eases the difficulty and expense of finding and filing paper records, improving staff productivity and freeing up storage space.

Laserfiche supports student and staff achievement by providing a scalable and user-friendly standard for managing content across departments.


local government

By improving your approach to information governance, Laserfiche enables transparency and makes government organizations more efficient, more effective and better able to create innovative solutions for a variety of needs.



Cut down on costs, production times and supply chain bottlenecks with automated business processing.


Electric Cooperatives

Reduce operational costs and automate resource-consuming tasks, beginning with how information is captured, accessed and, most importantly, used. For energy companies, Laserfiche provides a standardized solution flexible enough to meet the needs of different departments, users and processes with the control of a single, scalable system, yet easy to deploy and intuitive to use.


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