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Laserfiche Cloud

Take Control of your documents and processes in 24 Hours.  Get Started Today with a 30 day Trial!

Documents Online, Inc. is and Authorized Laserfiche Cloud Service Provider.  

Why Laserfiche Cloud?

Flexible Pricing:  Use a named user licensing model to create core solutions and cost effectively add additional users and software features as operations evolve.  

Rapid User Onboarding:  Employees at all levels can start using this versatile business content management system right away with the standard Microsoft skillsets they already know, reducing training time and ensuring user satisfaction.

Straightforward Administration: Set up and control repository and user settings at any time with a secure, web-based administration dashboard.

One Click Integration:  Connect Laserfiche directly with line-of-business applications, including Salesforce, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Gmail, no coding required.

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