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Web Access

Delivering virtually all the functionality of the standard, installed Laserfiche interface, Laserfiche Web Access allows for consolidated management of resources and data, as well as remote or portable access. Laserfiche Web Access offers a number of features to help you work with documents more easily:

  • Laserfiche Web Access supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher and Mozilla Firefox 2.x, so users can participate in business processes in diverse working environments.

  • Importing and organizing documents in the Laserfiche repository is as simple and intuitive as it is with the desktop Laserfiche client. Specify metadata, drag and drop a document’s pages—even scan paper documents over the Web.

  • A Quick Search bar appears on every page, so you can full-text search open documents, or the entire repository, at any time. Context lines in the search results display exactly where your search terms are in a document.

  • Thumbnails of a document’s pages help you navigate documents more easily, as well as preview documents without opening them.

  • Dynamic image viewing enables you to zoom in and out or pan in any direction by dragging documents with your mouse—with no page reload times.

  • Annotation tools let you add callouts and text boxes, underline and strikethrough text, and create vector graphics—all without altering the original image. You can also attach a file directly to a document as an annotation.

  • Scanned documents can be downloaded as PDF files, to which you can apply read- and write-access passwords. PDF annotations, rendered as removable PDF layers, can be displayed or hidden during viewing.

  • Customizable toolbars, with their settings stored on the server, deliver your personalized interface to any location.

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