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Laserfiche Weblink

Quick and easy access to information is vital in today’s world. With Laserfiche WebLink, you offer a Section 508-compliant public Web portal that provides instant, read-only access to documents from a wide variety of Web browsers.


Laserfiche WebLink is a user-friendly public portal site for providing Internet access to your publicly available documents. It can be configured to display a visual style that matches your existing Website and to show searches and links that quickly guide users to what they are looking for.


Laserfiche WebLink is designed to be more accessible to external users who might be unfamiliar with Laserfiche or

your organization’s naming conventions and filing methodologies. It acts as a customizable, searchable portal for public access to important information—while still keeping sensitive information secure.


* Offer simplified and customized searching of your publicly available documents.

* Provide read-only document access to the public—while protecting your core Laserfiche repository.

* Enable authorized persons to securely search and retrieve documents.

* Customize your interface to fit your specific needs, without extensive coding or programming.


Laserfiche WebLink is a self-serve portal that enables government agencies, financial services firms and healthcare organizations to share public documents, while saving staff time and minimizing duplication and distribution expenses. Laserfiche WebLink supports popular Web browsers for both PC and Mac platforms, so users can access information from diverse operating environments.


Laserfiche WebLink’s improved interface offers a sleeker, simpler way to provide your documents to casual searchers. Users are greeted with a friendly welcome page and an interface that offers search results similar to popular search engines. Relevant documents are easy to find, with search terms displayed in lines of context in the search results. Laserfiche WebLink also highlights relevant key words within each document, making identifying information within documents effortless.

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